Non-traditional Locations

Example Definitions of "Non-traditional Locations"
Non-traditional Locations. The phrase "Non-traditional Locations" shall mean permanent or temporary food service facilities operating under one or more of the Proprietary Marks at locations featuring facilities other than free-standing buildings with canopies devoted solely to the operation of a Sonic drive-in restaurant and accessible to the general public by automobile from public thoroughfares. Non-traditional Locations shall include (without limitation) (a) military bases and other governmental facilities; (b)... universities and schools; (c) airports and other transportation facilities; (d) stadiums, arenas and other sports and entertainment venues; (e) amusement and theme parks; (f) cafeterias and food courts in shopping centers, shopping malls, office buildings, and industrial buildings; (g) hotels and convention centers; (h) hospitals and nursing facilities; (i) museums, zoos and other public facilities; and (j) highway travel plazas, convenience stores, and gasoline filling stations. View More
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