Note Indebtedness

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Note Indebtedness. Shall mean without duplication principal, interest, fees, expenses and other charges or other indebtedness related to the Notes and indemnification obligations with respect to the Notes, whether direct or indirect, absolute or contingent, of the Borrowers to any of the Purchasers or to the Agent, acting on behalf of the Purchasers, in any manner and at any time, whether evidenced by the Notes or arising under this Agreement, due or hereafter to become due, now owing or that may be hereafter... incurred by the Borrowers to, any of the Purchasers or the Agent, acting on behalf of the Purchasers, and any judgments that may hereafter be rendered on such indebtedness or any part thereof, with interest according to the rates and terms specified, or as provided by Law, and any and all consolidation, amendments, renewals, replacements, substitutions or extensions of any of the foregoing. View More
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