Obligations to Lender

Example Definitions of "Obligations to Lender"
Obligations to Lender. All indebtedness, liabilities and other obligations (including all interest accruing after the commencement of any bankruptcy, reorganization, or similar proceeding by or against any party set forth in (i) or (ii) below) owed to Lender at any time, and from time to time, by any of the following parties: Borrower, under Lender's Documents or otherwise, and any other person or entity obligated to Lender in connection with the obligations of Borrower set forth in (i) above, including without... limitation any guarantor of such obligations, but only if such person or entity is also obligated to Creditor in connection with the obligations of Borrower to Creditor under the Creditor Documents. Any such person(s) and/or entity(ies) are referred to herein, individually and collectively, as "Common Obligors" View More
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