Offshore Guarantors

Example Definitions of "Offshore Guarantors"
Offshore Guarantors. Means, collectively, Vrio Corp., Vrio Holdco Inc., Vrio Finco 1 LLC, Vrio Finco 2 Inc., DIRECTV Latin America, LLC, DIRECTV DTH Investment Ltd., Galaxy Latin America Investments, LLC, DS Technology, LLC, DIRECTV Argentina S.A., DIRECTV Chile, LLC, DIRECTV Chile Televisión Ltda., DIRECTV de Uruguay Ltda., DIRECTV Perú S.R.L., Surfin, LLC, Alpha Tel Holdings Ltd., Alpha Tel S.A., DIRECTV Colombia Ltda., DTH Ecuador C. Ltda., DIRECTV Ecuador C. Ltda., DIRECTV Caribe Ltd., White Holding B.V.,... Telecenter Panamerica, Ltda., DTVLA Holdings, S.L., California Broadcast Center LLC, DTVLA Coöperatief U.A., DTVLA B.V., and each Subsidiary that becomes an Offshore Guarantor after the Borrowing Date pursuant to the Loan Documents. View More
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