One Month LIBOR Rate

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One Month LIBOR Rate. Shall mean the London Interbank Offered Rate as quoted in the "Money Rates" section of The Wall Street Journal at which U.S. dollar deposits in immediately available funds are offered in the London Interbank Dollar Market for a period of one month and in an amount comparable to the principal amount of this Note. If The Wall Street Journal ceases to publish the One Month LIBOR Rate, the Lender may select a comparable publication or service to determine the One Month LIBOR Rate and if the One... Month LIBOR Rate is no longer published, then the Lender may select a comparable interest rate index that measures the average of interbank offered rates for dollar deposits in the London, England market and if such index is no longer available in the London, England market, then, at the Lender's option, it may substitute the prime, base or reference rate as announced by a bank of Lender's selection in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area or a similar rate quoted by any such bank to its business customers for business loans. View More
One Month LIBOR Rate. The variable per annum rate of interest equal to the One Month LIBOR as published in the Money Rates Section of the Wall Street Journal or any equivalent section of that newspaper.
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