Open Source Software

Example Definitions of "Open Source Software"
Open Source Software. Shall mean Software that is distributed as "open source software" or "free software" or under a similar licensing or distribution model (including but not limited to the GNU General Public License (GPL), GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), Mozilla Public License (MPL), BSD licenses, MIT licenses, the Artistic License, the Netscape Public License, the Sun Community Source License (SCSL), the Sun Industry Standards License (SISL), the Apache License, the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for... Network Computing License (BOINCL), the Berkeley Software Distribution License (BSDL) and the Redhat License. View More
Open Source Software. Has the meaning ascribed to it in the APA; provided, however, that Open Source Software shall, for purposes of this Agreement, exclude the AMD Technology, Purchased Technology and Retained Technology.
Open Source Software. Shall mean any software which is subject to or meeting the criteria of the license terms and conditions listed as at any time during the term of this Agreement, as and to the extent applicable, at (or successor URL) and including, without limitation, licenses currently listed at (or successor URL), or which is subject to any similar license terms.
Open Source Software. Any software that is derived in any manner (in whole or in part) from any software that is distributed under the following conditions: (i) licensees of such software are authorized to access, modify and make derivative works of the source code for the software; (ii) licensees of source code of such software are not obligated to maintain the confidentiality of such source code; and (iii) at least some licensees of such software are required, if they desire to distribute derivative works of such... software, to license the source code for such derivative works to their sublicensees under the conditions of (i), (ii) or (iii) hereof. View More
Open Source Software. Any Software licensed, provided, or distributed under any open-source or similar license, or that is otherwise subject to any "copyleft" or other obligation or condition (including any obligation or condition under any "open source" license such as the GNU Public License, Lesser GNU Public License, or Mozilla Public License) to a third party that requires or conditions the use or distribution of such Software on, (i) the disclosure, licensing, or distribution of any source code for such... Software, or (ii) the granting to licensees of the right to make derivative works or other modifications to such Software View More
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