Operating Assets

Example Definitions of "Operating Assets"
Operating Assets. Assets located at or about the facilities listed on Exhibit A which are necessary or helpful for production of the Component Parts, wherever located, including Equipment, Contract Rights and General Intangibles (other than deposit accounts, insurance refunds, tax refund claims and related cash and cash equivalents), but specifically excluding any Accounts, Inventory, Documents, Instruments, Chattel Paper, Intellectual Property and Proceeds of such excluded items and Proceeds of General... Intangibles. View More
Operating Assets. Means all merchandise inventories, furniture, fixtures and equipment (including all transportation and warehousing equipment but excluding office equipment and data processing equipment) owned or leased pursuant to Capital Leases by the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary.
Operating Assets. The Mill, the Contract Rights, the Equipment, the Intellectual Property for Titanium Conversion Services, the Real Estate and all Proceeds thereof
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