Operating Expense

Example Definitions of "Operating Expense"
Operating Expense. Tenant shall be responsible for its pro-rata share of increases in general operating expenses above a base year of 2006.
Operating Expense. All (x) direct expenses attributable to the operation of the Magazine Business, including COGS, commissions, direct departmental expenses, newsstand rack and pocket expense, and all expenses for departmental employees to the extent directly employed by the Magazine Business (MEREDITH employees not employed within the Magazine Business unit, but otherwise considered to be working directly for the Magazine Business shall be as agreed from time to time by MEREDITH and MSO, and initially shall... include those positions identified on Schedule B-1 hereto, as the same may be amended on a quarterly basis with the agreement of MEREDITH and MSO); (y) direct expenses attributable to the operation of the Magazine Business borne at MEREDITH's corporate level, such as rent for space used by the Magazine Business and employee benefits of employees of the Magazine Business, will be allocated pro rata based on the actual usage of such space, employees by the Magazine Business, as set forth on Schedule B-2; and (z) a documented allocated share of corporate sales and marketing and research allocated pro-rata consistent with other MEREDITH titles View More
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