Operating Margin

Example Definitions of "Operating Margin"
Operating Margin. For any period means the Company's operating income, as reported on the Company's consolidated financial statements for that period, divided by Sales for that period.
Operating Margin. As to any Performance Period, the Company's net operating income divided by Revenues, determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles
Operating Margin. The amounts determined in a manner consistent with the methods used in the Systemax regular reports on Form 10K and Form 10Q, provided however, such determination shall be without regard to (i) any of the items set forth in Section 10 (a) (iii) (A), (B), (C) and (D) of the 2010 Plan as set forth in Annex 2 hereto, and (ii) the Total Bonus Amount and any portion thereof or accrual therefore
Operating Margin. Means, as to any Performance Period, the Company's or a business unit's Operating Income divided by Revenue, expressed as a percentage.
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