Operating Profit

Example Definitions of "Operating Profit"
Operating Profit. The Company's or a business unit's income from operations determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
Operating Profit. Means, for any fiscal year, "operating profit" as defined by the Committee for the Company's Fiscal 2009 Management Incentive Plan.
Operating Profit. With respect to Regional Goals, the portion of the Company's Operating Profit attributable to the applicable Market or Markets. This is defined as the Region's Gross Margins less relevant Regional Operating Expenses. For Participants on the consolidated international operating profit target measured in U.S. dollars, the consolidated total would include the settled value of the translational hedges
Operating Profit. Means (x) the gross revenue invoiced from the sale of Equity Signs to a CPG by Valassis for installation at any Insignia Network Retailer, which gross revenue shall expressly exclude amounts paid by a CPG and invoiced by Valassis for federal, state and local taxes, duties, excises or services taxes, customs duties, freight, insurance and other shipping expenses); which gross revenue is then reduced by the sum of (y) the costs and expenses per sign as set forth on Exhibit B with respect to such... Equity Signs payable to Insignia, and (z) Equity Sign Installer Expenses. View More
Operating Profit. Operating revenue of the Magazine Business, Websites and any MSO Interactive Properties minus operating expenses of the Magazine Business, Websites and MSO Interactive Properties, determined in accordance with GAAP consistently applied and the following principles (such principles to be applied notwithstanding that they may be inconsistent with GAAP)
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