Original Issue Price

Example Definitions of "Original Issue Price"
Original Issue Price. For any share issued in an Offering, the price at which such Share was initially offered to the public by the Company, regardless of whether selling commissions were paid in connection with the purchase of such Shares from the Company.
Original Issue Price. Shall mean $0.70 per share for the Series B Preferred Stock.
Original Issue Price. Shall have the definition in the Restated Certificate.
Original Issue Price. Means (i) with respect to the SVTP Series A Preferred Stock, $1.00 per share and (ii) with respect to the Sphere Preferred Shares, $1 per share, in each case as adjusted for stock splits, combinations, recapitalizations, and the like.
Original Issue Price. $1,000.00 per share for the Series A Convertible Preferred Stock
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