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Other Definitional Rules. Other definitional rules applicable to this Custody Agreement are as follows: (a) Legal and accounting terms not otherwise defined shall have the meanings given them under New York statutory and case law and under GAAP, respectively. (b) Defined terms may be used in the singular or the plural, as the context requires. (c) Except where otherwise specified, all times of day are local times in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (d) Wherever the word "including" or a similar word is used in this Custody... Agreement, unless the context clearly requires otherwise, for example, if preceded by "not", it shall be read as if it were written, "including by way of example but without in any way limiting the generality of the foregoing concept, subject or description". (e) Unless the context plainly otherwise requires, wherever the term "Administrative Agent" is used in this Custody Agreement, it shall be read as if it were written "the Administrative Agent (as agent and representative of the Buyers)". View More
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