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Other Products. Products or services, including but not limited to disposable and implantable medical devices, other than Hansen Products, that are of a type commonly used by purchasers or potential purchasers of the Sensei System
Other Products. Means all products, except for Approved Products.
Other Products. Products (other than the Initial Product(s)) consisting of up to 1500 USP units per vial of recombinant human PH20 hyaluronidase as the active pharmaceutical ingredient in (i) any liquid injectable formulation, and/or (ii) any lyophilized formulation in each case for DESI review indications (cf. Federal Register, supra) (a) "for hypodermoclysis", and (b) "use as an adjunct in subcutaneous urography for improving the resorption of radiopaque agents"; and for non-DESI Review indication (c) for... use as a viscoelastic antidote (e.g., Viscolase((TM)) ), in each case that the parties mutually agree upon in writing in accordance with Section 3.9. Without redefining the foregoing, "Other Products" expressly excludes the use of recombinant human PH20 hyaluronidase in (i) drugs with high-unit (i.e. greater than 1500 USP unit) intravenous or other doses, and (ii) co-formulated or combination products with molecules not owned or otherwise controlled by Baxter (unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties) View More
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