Other Schrödinger Product

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Other Schrödinger Product. Any commercial Schrödinger product, software program, or software code (which may include third party code licensed in by Schrödinger from third parties other than DESRES) licensed, marketed or distributed by Schrödinger or an Affiliate or distributor of Schrödinger and each new version or release thereof, in each case which is not a Software Product, (i) incorporating or (ii) statically or dynamically linking to any portion of the DESRES Software, except, solely with respect to (ii), in... the case where the Software Product or an Other Schrödinger Product is executed from the command line or externally published interface. Merely reading and/or parsing outputs generated by the Software Product or another Other Schrödinger Product shall not render any product, software program or software code an Other Schrödinger Product. By way of example, and without limitation, Other Schrödinger Product shall exclude the Schrödinger software program currently known as KNIME. For the avoidance of doubt, the parties acknowledge and agree that as of the Current Date, Schrödinger's commercial software currently branded and distributed as "Watermap Utilities" and "FEP/REST" are each an Other Schrödinger Product fully approved by DESRES pursuant to Section 4.7. View More
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