Overnight Bank Funding Rate

Example Definitions of "Overnight Bank Funding Rate"
Overnight Bank Funding Rate. For any day, the rate comprised of both overnight federal funds and overnight Eurocurrency borrowings by U.S.-managed banking offices of depository institutions, as such composite rate shall be determined by the NYFRB, as set forth on its public website from time to time, and as published on the next succeeding Business Day as the overnight bank funding rate by the NYFRB (or by such other recognized electronic source (such as Bloomberg) selected by the Bank for the purpose of displaying such... rate); provided, that if such day is not a Business Day, the Overnight Bank Funding Rate for such day shall be such rate on the immediately preceding Business Day; provided, further, that if such rate shall at any time, for any reason, no longer exist, a comparable replacement rate determined by the Bank at such time (which determination shall be conclusive absent manifest error). If the Overnight Bank Funding Rate determined as above would be less than zero, then such rate shall be deemed to be zero. The rate of interest charged shall be adjusted as of each Business Day based on changes in the Overnight Bank Funding Rate without notice to the Borrower. View More
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