Ownership Certification

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Ownership Certification. A written certification, in the form attached to the FCC Ownership Procedures Order, which shall be sufficient to enable the Debtors, in consultation with the Term Lender Group, or Reorganized Cumulus, as applicable, to determine (x) the extent to which direct and indirect voting and equity interests of the certifying party are held by non-U.S. Persons, as determined under section 310(b) of the Communications Act and the FCC rules, and (y) whether the holding of more than 4.99% of the Class A... Common Stock by the certifying party would result in a violation of FCC ownership rules or be inconsistent with the FCC Approval; provided, however, that a Holder may elect not to provide the information in clause (y), and any Ownership Certification without the information in clause (y) shall not prohibit a Holder from receiving up to 4.99% of the Class A Common Stock to the extent otherwise entitled thereto pursuant to this Equity Allocation Mechanism View More
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