Ownership Percentage

Example Definitions of "Ownership Percentage"
Ownership Percentage. Means, with respect to a Holder, a percentage obtained by dividing (i) the total number of Registrable Securities owned by such Holder by (ii) the total number of outstanding Common Units
Ownership Percentage. Calculated, as of any date, by dividing (i) the total number of shares of Common Stock owned by Holder at such date (including shares of Common Stock and Convertible Securities sold, transferred or assigned by Holder prior to such date), by (ii) the total number of shares of Common Stock issued and outstanding at such date (including, for purposes of both (i) and (ii) above, any shares issuable upon exercise or conversion of any outstanding Convertible Securities, but excluding outstanding... Company Options and any shares that have been issued upon the exercise of Company Options, but further excluding for purposes of (ii) above, all shares of Common Stock and Convertible Securities outstanding at such date to the extent issued by the Company in any transaction closing after the date hereof that would have constituted a Subsequent Financing but for the amount of gross cash proceeds received by the Company in such transaction). View More
Ownership Percentage. As to a Shareholder, such Shareholder's proportionate ownership of all of the issued and outstanding Shares of the Company.
Ownership Percentage. Shall mean and include, with respect to each Holder of Registrable Securities requesting inclusion of Registrable Securities in an offering pursuant to this Agreement, the number of Registrable Securities held or deemed held by such Holder divided by the number of all Registrable Securities held or deemed held by all Holders requesting registration in such offering.
Ownership Percentage. As of any date, the percentage of shares of Class A Common Stock outstanding deemed beneficially owned by a stockholder of the Company, within the meaning of Rule 13d-3 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended; provided, however, that for purposes of determining the beneficial ownership of any stockholder under this Agreement, such stockholder shall be deemed to be the beneficial owner of any equity securities of the Company which may be acquired by such stockholder, whether within... 60 days or thereafter, upon the conversion, exchange, or exercise of any warrants, options, rights or other securities issued by the Company or of its Subsidiaries, provided further that no Person shall be deemed to beneficially own any security solely as a result of such Person's execution of this Agreement. View More
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