Partial Realization Event

Example Definitions of "Partial Realization Event"
Partial Realization Event. Means the consummation, simultaneous with or after the redemption or sale of all Series A-1 Preferred Stock held by the Fir Tree Investors, but in all events on or prior to the MIP Expiration Date, of a sale of any shares of Common Stock beneficially owned (as defined in Rule 13d-3 under the 1934 Act) by the Fir Tree Investors (assuming full conversion of all Series A-2 Preferred Stock immediately prior thereto) to a third-party that is not an Affiliate of the Fir Tree Investors pursuant to... which the consideration received by the Fir Tree Investors (other than consideration received for Series A-1 Preferred Stock) is comprised of at least fifty percent (50%) cash. View More
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