Participant's Good Cause

Example Definitions of "Participant's Good Cause"
Participant's Good Cause. Shall have the meaning given such term or a comparable term in the Current Employment Agreement; provided, that if there is no Current Employment Agreement or if such agreement does not include such term or a comparable term, "Participant's Good Cause" means: A. The failure of the Employer to pay the Participant any compensation when due; or B. A material reduction in the scope of duties or responsibilities of the Participant or any reduction in the Participant's salary. If a breach... constituting Participant's Good Cause occurs, the Participant shall give the Employer thirty (30) days' advance written notice specifying the facts and circumstances of the alleged breach. During such thirty (30) day period, the Employer may either cure the breach (in which case such notice will be considered withdrawn) or declare that the Employer disputes that Participant's Good Cause exists, in which case Participant's Good Cause shall not exist until the dispute is resolved in accordance with the methods for resolving disputes specified in Exhibit A hereto. View More
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