Participation Election

Example Definitions of "Participation Election"
Participation Election. Any written agreement, enrollment form, contract or other instrument or document (in each case in paper or electronic form) evidencing that an Eligible Employee has elected to become a Participant in the Plan, which may, but need not, require execution by a Participant.
Participation Election. The term "Participation Election " means, for any Offering Period, a Participant's election to participate in the Plan for that Offering Period and to authorize payroll deductions under the Plan for that Offering Period, which election shall be made in the time, form and manner specified by the Committee (which may include electronically). A Participant's Participation Election for an Offering Period will remain in effect for the entire Offering Period unless suspended or revoked earlier in... accordance with the terms of the Plan. View More
Participation Election. The form signed and submitted by an Executive to the Plan Administrator prior to the required election date under Section 4
Participation Election. An election by a Contributory Eligible Employee to participate in the Plan during a Plan Year. Any election shall be irrevocable and, except as otherwise provided by the Committee, shall carry over from Plan Year to Plan Year unless changed or revoked during the applicable Enrollment Period
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