Pass Through Expenses

Example Definitions of "Pass Through Expenses"
Pass Through Expenses. The meaning given on Exhibit F.
Pass Through Expenses. Those designated out-of-pocket costs or expenses incurred by Windstream as provided in this Agreement that shall be passed through to TAS by Windstream at cost and without mark up or margin. Pass Through Expenses of Windstream shall not be limited to direct cost paid to third parties and may include charges for Windstream employees so long as such expenses are not otherwise included in the Fees payable by TAS under a Statement of Work
Pass Through Expenses. The reasonable and documented out-of-pocket expenses incurred by a Service Provider in the provision of Services to the Recipient, which shall be chargeable to the Recipient (provided that the Service Provider may not incur such expenses without the Recipient's prior consent if they are not specified in a Service Schedule), but not including, unless specified in a Service Schedule, any overhead costs, profits or other mark-ups
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