Patent Right

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Patent Right. Means any and all patent rights and all right, title and interest in all patent applications and patents that issue from them, all letters patent or equivalent rights and applications in each case to the extent the same has not been held, by a court of competent jurisdiction, to be invalid or unenforceable in a decision from which no appeal can be taken or from which no appeal was taken within the time permitted for appeal. Patent Rights include any extension, registration, confirmation,... reissue, continuation, supplementary protection certificate, divisional, continuation-in-part, re-examination or renewal thereof or foreign counterparts of any of the foregoing. View More
Patent Right. Means (a) all patent applications filed or having legal force in any country or jurisdiction, including all provisional patent applications; (b) all patents that have issued or in the future will be issued from such applications, including method, process, utility, model and design patents and certificates of invention; and (c) all divisionals, continuations, continuations in part, supplement protection certificates, reissues, re-examinations, renewals, extensions or additions to any such... patent application and patents. View More
Patent Right. Any of the following which pertain to the Licensed Technology and are owned by any of CPDC, UHN and/or CanProbe: (a) patents; (b) pending patent applications, including, all provisional applications, continuations, continuations-in-part, divisions , renewals, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications and all patents granted thereon; (c) all patents-of-addition, reissues, re-examinations and extensions or restorations by existing or future extension or restoration mechanisms, including,... supplementary protection certificates or the equivalent thereof; (d) inventor's certificates; (e) all Canadian, United States, and foreign counterparts of any of the foregoing. View More
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