Pathfinder Sale Price Per Share

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Pathfinder Sale Price Per Share. Of the Pathfinder Shares means the amount of cash proceeds and the value of any non-cash consideration, in each case, that a holder of one Pathfinder Share would be entitled to receive or receives, directly or indirectly, in a transaction or series of related transactions ((a) assuming that any earn-out, deferred, contingent or similar payments or other consideration, escrows, holdbacks and similar items are included as part of the consideration received as of the initial closing of such... transaction(s) and (b) calculated as if the Equity Securities, directly or indirectly, acquired in such transaction are all of the Equity Securities then outstanding). For purposes of determining the foregoing, the value of any non-cash consideration shall be (i) the value attributed to such non-cash consideration in the definitive transaction agreement (which value shall not be less than the Fair Market Value thereof at the time of entry into such definitive transaction agreement), or (ii) in the absence of any such attribution of value described in clause (i), the Fair Market Value thereof; provided, however, that if any such non-cash consideration is an Equity Security for which a public market exists, the value attributed to such Equity Security shall be to the volume weighted average price per share of such Equity Securities for the five consecutive Trading Days ending on the day immediately prior to the closing of such Pathfinder Sale (calculated as a single period) on the primary securities exchange on which such Equity Security is listed. View More
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