Example Definitions of "Pay"
Pay. With respect to any Participant means the sum of (x) the Participant's Base Salary plus (y) the average of the annual incentive bonus compensation paid to the Participant in the two years immediately prior to the year of such Participant's termination of employment with the Company.
Pay. (i) in the case of an Eligible Employee, all cash compensation paid to him or her for services to the Participating Employer, including regular straight time earnings or draw, overtime, commissions and bonuses, but excluding amounts paid as living allowance or reimbursement of expenses and other similar payments; and (ii) in the case of an Eligible Trust Manager, all retainers and meeting and other service fees paid to him or her by the Participating Employer
Pay. The sum of (i) plus (ii) where: (i) the annual retainer paid to a Director for services on the Board during the twelve (12) month period immediately preceding the Director's Separation From Service or death, and (ii) the fee in effect on the date of the Director's Separation From Service or death for attending a regularly scheduled meeting of the full Board, multiplied by four (4)
Pay. The distribution of such shares of Stock to a Participant or such Participant's beneficiary
Pay. The regular hourly wage of an employee or, if the employee is salaried, the annual base salary of the employee, as in effect immediately prior to a Change of Control, and does not include in either case overtime, bonuses, or other premium wage payments.
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