Payroll Deduction

Example Definitions of "Payroll Deduction"
Payroll Deduction. An authorized deduction from an Eligible Employee's compensation for the purpose of making contributions to the Eligible Employee's Account.
Payroll Deduction. With respect to the Code Section 423 Plan Component, deductions from an Employee's or participant's Compensation or after-tax cash contributions made under the Plan by the Employee or participant during an applicable Offering Period and within three business days following each payday applicable to the Employee or participant during such Offering Period but in any event prior to the Exercise Date for such Offering Period
Payroll Deduction. Shall mean the amount a Participant elects to have deducted from his Payroll Salary during any Payroll Period in accordance with Section 7 of the Plan.
Payroll Deduction. A payroll deduction specified by a Participating Employee to be made from each payment for the pay periods during the Plan Period for the purchase of Shares under this Plan
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