Peer Group Weighted Average TSR

Example Definitions of "Peer Group Weighted Average TSR"
Peer Group Weighted Average TSR. Means the sum of all Peer Group Individual Weighted Average TSRs for each member of the Peer Group at the end of the relevant Performance Period. For this purpose, the term "Peer Group Individual Weighted Average TSR" with respect to any Peer Group member shall mean the following: The product obtained by multiplying: (i) the quotient obtained by dividing (x) such Peer Group member's market capitalization determined as of the Valuation Date by (y) the sum of the market capitalizations for all... Peer Group members determined as of the Valuation Date; and (ii) with respect to the Performance Period, the total compounded annual percentage return per share achieved by the stock of such Peer Group member (using a starting value determined in a manner consistent with the calculation of Baseline Value and assuming contemporaneous reinvestment of all dividends and other distributions declared and paid) expressed as a percentage, based on the average closing price of one share of such Peer Group member's stock as reported on the relevant stock exchange over the 30 consecutive trading days ending on, and including, the Valuation Date. View More
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