Pelinka Assets

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Pelinka Assets. Means the following: (a) All of the client contracts and client relationships with, and all accounts receivables owed by, clients of the Company that are principally served by Rob Pelinka and all papers, documents, notes, files and records that relate to such clients and such client relationships; (b) All furniture, fixtures, equipment and other tangible assets located in the LA Office as of the date of the execution of this Agreement that are used exclusively by Rob Pelinka, even if any such... assets are included in the lists attached as Schedule 1.13(b), including, without limitation, (i) any computers, laptops, blackberries and similar items issued to and used by Pelinka, and (ii) any furniture used exclusively by Pelinka; and (c) All of the Company's rights and interests under its employment agreement with Rob Pelinka. View More
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