Performance Targets

Example Definitions of "Performance Targets"
Performance Targets. Performance goals and objectives set in respect of any of the Performance Measures for a Performance Period
Performance Targets. The goals selected by the Committee, in its discretion, to be applicable to a Participant for any Performance Period. Performance Targets shall be based upon one or more Performance Criteria. Performance Targets may include a threshold level of performance below which no Award will be paid and levels of performance at which specified percentages of the Target Award will be paid and may also include a maximum level of performance above which no additional Award amount will be paid
Performance Targets. Shall mean the performance targets established by the Committee in connection with any Award based on one or more of the Performance Criteria that must be met in order for payment to be made with respect to such Award.
Performance Targets. Collectively, the Tier I EBITDA Target, the Tier I FCF Target, the Tier II EBITDA Target and the Tier II FCF Target.
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