Performance Units

Example Definitions of "Performance Units"
Performance Units. An award of phantom units, representing one or more Shares, as described in Section 9 hereof
Performance Units. An Award denominated in shares of Common Stock, cash or a combination thereof, as determined by the Committee, awarded to a Participant based on the achievement of Performance Goals during a Performance Period
Performance Units. Means the right to receive monetary units with a designated dollar value or monetary units the value of which is equal to the Fair Market Value of one or more Shares, to the extent the Company or Participant achieves certain goals that the Committee establishes over a period of time the Committee designates consisting of one or more full fiscal years of the Company, but in any event not more than five years.
Performance Units. The right to receive a payment, based on a number of units with a specified value, to the extent Performance Goals are achieved
Performance Units. The Performance Units have been credited to a bookkeeping account on behalf of Grantee. The Performance Units will be earned in whole, in part, or not at all, as provided on Exhibit A attached hereto. Any Performance Units that fail to vest in accordance with the terms of this Agreement will be forfeited and reconveyed to the Company without further consideration or any act or action by Grantee.
Performance Units. Means Class C, Class D, Class I, Class S and Class T units of the Operating Partnership held by unitholders other than the Company. Class E units of the Operating Partnership shall not be considered Performance Units.
Performance Units. Means an Award granted under Section 6 which entitles a Participant to receive cash, Shares, or a combination thereof, based on the achievement of one or more specified performance criteria during one or more Performance Periods.
Performance Units. The right to receive cash valued in relation to a unit that has a designated dollar value payable at a multiple of target value based on achievement of Performance Goals
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