Permit Consolidated Capital Expenditures

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Permit Consolidated Capital Expenditures. For any fiscal year to exceed (i) for the period from the Closing Date through the end of fiscal year 2006, $40,000,000, and (ii) for any fiscal year thereafter, $50,000,000; provided that, for the purposes of the foregoing, Consolidated Capital Expenditures shall not include capital expenditures in an amount of up to the Shreveport Capex Exclusion Limit made in connection with the Shreveport Initiative (i) to the extent the applicable Property acquired by the Consolidated Parties in connection... with the Shreveport Initiative constitutes Collateral and (ii) so long as the Administrative Agent shall have received all items in respect of the Property acquired in connection with such capital expenditures required to be delivered by the terms of Section 10.1.14). To the extent that any portion of the Consolidated Capital Expenditures limitation (determined without giving effect to this sentence) is not used during any fiscal year, such unused available amount may be carried forward and used during the next fiscal year only; provided, however, that with respect to any fiscal year, Consolidated Capital Expenditures made during such fiscal year shall be deemed to be made first with respect to the applicable limitation for such fiscal year and then with respect to any carry-forward from the immediately preceding fiscal year View More
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