Example Definitions of "Permit"
Permit. Means any government or regulatory license, authorization, permit, franchise, consent or approval;
Permit. Means Shall mean any government or regulatory license, authorization, permit, franchise, consent or approval;
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Permit. Any permit, license, certification, qualification, franchise or privilege issued or granted by any Governmental Authority
Permit. A permit, license, certificate, approval, consent, waiver, concession, exemption, order, registration, notice, grant, warrant, franchise, or other authorization by a Governmental Authority issued to, or required to be obtained or maintained by, Seller in connection with its ownership, operation, maintenance or other use of the Transferred Assets, including any amendment, modification, limitation, condition, or renewal thereof
Permit. All permits, registrations, franchises, grants, authorizations (including marketing and testing authorizations), concessions, licenses, easements, variances, exceptions, exemptions, consents, certificates, clearances, approvals and Orders of any Governmental Authority
Permit. Any permit, license, approval, consent, ruling, authorization, certification, concession, exemption, variance, notification, waiver, clearance or registration obtained from, or issued by, any Governmental Authority.
Permit. Any license, permit, franchise, certificate of authority, or order, or any waiver of the foregoing, required to be issued by any Governmental Entity
Permit. A license, right, authority or other permission that a federal, state or local government or agency granted to the Seller.
Permit. Means any permit, license (including liquor licenses), franchise, approval, certificate, consent, ratification, permission, confirmation, endorsement, waiver, certification, registration, qualification or other authorization issued, granted, given or otherwise made available by or under the authority of any Governmental Authority or pursuant to any applicable Law.
Permit. Any license, permit, approval, waiver, order, authorization, right or privilege of any nature whatsoever, granted, issued, approved or allowed by any Governmental Authority.
Permit. Any licenses, permits, authorizations, approvals, consents, franchises and orders required for the conduct and operation of business as presently conducted
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