Permitted Action

Example Definitions of "Permitted Action"
Permitted Action. Includes (i) any Proceeding against the Corporation brought by Indemnitee, alone or with others, in connection with, or related to, the defense by Indemnitee of any Proceeding brought against Indemnitee by a third party, the Corporation, or any Other Enterprise (or brought on behalf of the Corporation, including by means of a derivative action), whether by a separately initiated Proceeding, or impleader, cross-claim, counterclaim, or otherwise; (ii) a Proceeding brought by Indemnitee or... Indemnitee's Affiliates to establish or enforce a right of indemnity under this Agreement, an applicable D&O insurance policy, the Corporation's Governing Documents, or any other agreement or law pertaining to indemnification of Indemnitee, or to recover Expenses or a Liability of Indemnitee resulting from a Proceeding against Indemnitee; (iii) a Proceeding against the Corporation or any Other Enterprise brought by Indemnitee which is approved in advance by a majority of the Corporation's independent directors, excluding Indemnitee; and (iv) a Proceeding brought by Indemnitee which is required under any law; and with respect to (i) through (iv) above, any of the identified actions shall be considered a Permitted Action regardless of whether Indemnitee is ultimately determined to be entitled to the relief sought. View More
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