Permitted Affiliate Transactions

Example Definitions of "Permitted Affiliate Transactions"
Permitted Affiliate Transactions. Means (i) transactions consummated in the ordinary course of business in a manner and to an extent consistent with past practice and necessary or desirable for the prudent operation of its business, for fair consideration and on terms no less favorable to Borrower or its subsidiaries than would be obtainable in a comparable arm's length transaction with a Person that is not an Affiliate thereof, (ii) transactions among Loan Parties, (iii) Permitted Restricted Payments and Permitted Investments,... (iv) sales of common equity interests of the Borrower and the granting of registration and other customary rights in connection therewith, (v) reasonable and customary director and officer compensation (including bonuses and stock option programs), benefits and indemnification arrangements, in each case approved by the Board of Directors (or a committee thereof) of such Loan Party or such subsidiary, and (vi) transactions between the Borrower or any of its subsidiaries and any Affiliate of Borrower or any of its subsidiaries in existence on the date hereof. View More
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