Permitted Deductions

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Permitted Deductions. The following deductions as accrued by a Selling Entity in accordance with United States generally accepted accounting principles or International Financial Reporting Standards, as applicable: (1) trade, cash and quantity discounts; (2) amounts repaid, reimbursed or credited by reasons of defects, recalls, withdrawals, returns, rebates or allowances of goods or because of retroactive price reductions or billing corrections specifically identifiable to the Product; (3) chargebacks, discounts,... credits, rebates (or the equivalent thereof) and other amounts paid on sale of the Product, including such payments mandated by programs of Governmental Entities; (4) chargebacks, discounts, credits, rebates (or the equivalent thereof) and administrative fees paid to medical healthcare organizations, group purchasing organizations, pharmacies, formularies, large employers, national accounts, long-term care organizations, insurers, Governmental Entities and programs (including Medicare and the Veterans Health Administration and other federal, state and local agencies), trade customers or other organizations similar to the foregoing in line with approved contract terms or other normal and customary understandings and arrangements (including, as part of bundling or other forms of multi-product purchase arrangements); (5) tariffs, duties, excise, sales, value-added and other Taxes (other than Taxes based on net income) and charges of Governmental Entities; (6) transportation, freight, postage, importation, shipping insurance and other handling expenses; (7) distribution commissions and fees (including fees related to services provided pursuant to distribution service agreements with wholesalers, specialty pharmacy fees, fee-for-service wholesaler fees and inventory management fees) payable to any third party providing Distribution Services to the Selling Entities; (8) costs of samples distributed by either specialty pharmacies or sales representatives; (9) deductions for uncollectible amounts on previously sold Products; (10) discounts and provisions pursuant to compassionate use, early access, indigent patient, co-pay reimbursement or assistance and patient assistance or discount programs and coupon discounts; (11) the portion of the annual fee on prescription drug manufacturers imposed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Pub. L. No. 111-148, that the applicable Selling Entity allocates to sales of the Product, as applicable, in accordance with the applicable Selling Entity's standard policies and procedures consistently applied across its products, as applicable. For the avoidance of doubt, if a single item falls into more than one of the categories set forth in clauses (1) through (13) above, such item shall not be deducted more than once. View More
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