Permitted Financing

Example Definitions of "Permitted Financing"
Permitted Financing. The financing contemplated by the Indicative Summary Term Sheet dated as of March 2022, by and between Grove and the lenders party thereto or, if such financing is not consummated, any alternative debt or senior equity financing consummated by Grove prior to the Outside Date
Permitted Financing. Means the (i) incurrence of indebtedness by a Specified Investor (or an Affiliate thereof) to (A) finance a portion of its purchase of the Units, (B) finance a return of capital with respect to its investment in the Units (or the securities received in exchange or conversion of the Units), or (C) refinance or replace indebtedness described in this clause (i) and (ii) granting of liens by such Specified Investor to secure payment of such indebtedness, including on the Units and any shares of... Common Stock held by such Specified Investor (the "Collateral"). View More
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