Permitted Hedge Transaction

Example Definitions of "Permitted Hedge Transaction"
Permitted Hedge Transaction. (a) any call or capped call option (or substantively equivalent derivative transaction) purchased in connection with the issuance of any Permitted Convertible Indebtedness (each a "Permitted Bond Hedge Transaction") and (b) any call option, warrant or right to purchase (or substantively equivalent derivative transaction) sold by the Borrower substantially concurrently in connection with any purchase by the Borrower of a related Permitted Bond Hedge Transactions and the performance by the... Borrower of its obligations thereunder (each a "Permitted Warrant Transaction"), in each case, relating to the Borrower's common stock (or other securities or property following a merger event or other change of the common stock of the Borrower); provided that the purchase price for such Permitted Bond Hedge Transactions, less the proceeds received by the Borrower from the sale of any related Permitted Warrant Transactions, does not exceed the net proceeds received by the Borrower from the issuance of such Permitted Convertible Indebtedness in connection with such Permitted Bond Hedge Transactions. View More
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