Permitted Issuance

Example Definitions of "Permitted Issuance"
Permitted Issuance. The issuance by the Corporation of the following: (i) shares of Common Stock or Options issued or issuable in connection with any Approved Stock Plan, provided that the aggregate amount of Common Stock and Options issued and issuable under all such plans does not exceed ten percent (10%) of the then outstanding shares of Common Stock of the Corporation; (ii) shares of Common Stock issued upon conversion or exercise of any Options or Convertible Securities that are outstanding on the day... immediately preceding the Issuance Date, provided that the terms of such Options or Convertible Securities are not amended, modified or changed on or after the Issuance Date to lower the conversion or exercise price thereof and so long as the number of shares of Common Stock underlying such securities is not otherwise increased; and (iii) shares of Common Stock issued in an underwritten public offering in which the gross cash proceeds to the Company (before underwriting discounts, commissions and fees) are at least $10,000,000 View More
Permitted Issuance. Any issuance by the Company of Equity Securities (1) to officers, employees, directors or consultants of the Company and its subsidiaries pursuant to equity incentive plans approved by the Company's Board (including an Investor Director (as defined below) if one is serving on the Board at the time such equity plan is approved by the Board) and the securities issued upon exercise of such grants, (2) pursuant to the conversion or exchange of any securities issued to the Investor pursuant to or in... connection with the Securities Purchase Agreement or any other securities of the Company outstanding as of the date hereof into Capital Stock, or the exercise of any warrants or other rights issued to the Investor pursuant to or in connection with the Securities Purchase Agreement or any other warrants or rights outstanding as of the date hereof to acquire Capital Stock; (3) pursuant to a bona fide firm commitment underwritten public offering; (4) in connection with a joint venture, strategic alliance or other commercial relationship with any Person (including Persons that are customers, suppliers and strategic partners of the Company) relating to the operation of the Company's business and for which a primary purpose thereof is not raising capital; or (5) in connection with any office lease or equipment lease or similar equipment financing transaction approved by the Board in which the Company obtains from a lessor or vendor the use of such office space or equipment for its business. View More
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