Permitted Refinancing Debt

Example Definitions of "Permitted Refinancing Debt"
Permitted Refinancing Debt. Means any indebtedness refinancing or replacing the indebtedness (and/or commitments to lend) pursuant to the SVB Agreement, provided that any such refinancing or replacement (i) does not increase the principal amount of indebtedness that may be outstanding thereunder to an amount that exceeds $10,000,000, (ii) does not accelerate the dates on which payments of principal or interest are due, and (iii) does not change any redemption or prepayment provisions.
Permitted Refinancing Debt. For the avoidance of doubt, the Convertible Senior Notes constitute Debt that is Permitted Refinancing Debt in respect of a portion of the Borrower's 8.00% Senior Notes due 2020 and a portion of the Borrower's 6.625% Senior Notes due 2021.
Permitted Refinancing Debt. Any guarantees thereof, the proceeds of which shall be used concurrently with the incurrence thereof to refinance any outstanding Permitted Debt permitted under Section 9.02(f), Section 9.02(g), Section 9.02(m), Section 9.02(n) and Section 9.02(o) or to refinance any outstanding Refinanced Debt, as the case may be
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