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Permitted Use. Laboratories, offices, and prototype production facilities or the research related assembly of high technology equipment or components and no other use or purpose unless approved by the University of Utah, but only in accordance with the Ground Lease and applicable zoning requirements. If Tenant desires any other Permitted Use, Tenant shall make such request to the University on or before February 15, 2006. If the University of Utah fails to approve Tenant's request to expand the Permitted Use... to include the same uses as currently allowed for Tenant's other facility in Research Park, Tenant may terminate this Lease in which event Landlord shall have no obligation to reimburse Tenant for any tenant improvements. View More
Permitted Use. General office use and no other use or purpose.
Permitted Use. An operation, consistent with a first-class office building, of offices to be utilized for general office use and administrative activities in conjunction therewith.
Permitted Use. Shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 3.1
Permitted Use. Shall be the purpose for which the Tenant is authorized to use the leased property as stated in the Memorandum of Lease, but subject to the provisions of this agreement, including the compliance with all Legal Requirements.
Permitted Use. Shall mean general office use and uses customarily incidental thereto and no other use or purpose.
Permitted Use. Shall mean general office use and as a lab per the written confirmation tenant has prvided to Landlord stating the building is zoned for Tenant's specific lab use, and such other uses as Landlord may reasonable long as the building is zoned for same.
Permitted Use. The term "Permitted Use" means the use specified in Section N of the Summary.
Permitted Use. Typical office and labs use only, and no other purpose.
Permitted Use. Means the following only, and no other purpose: general office purposes (including, without limitation, general office purposes for customer support service and product development). In no event may the Premises be used as a call center or for telemarketing purposes; provided, however, that the foregoing portion of this sentence shall not prohibit any typical business telephone communication as normally made in connection with routine customer service operations of the type currently conducted... by Provo Craft and Novelty, Inc. View More
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