PHRI Patent Rights

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PHRI Patent Rights. Patents and patent applications listed in Appendix A and all patent applications and patents, utility certificates, and models and certificates of addition and all foreign counterparts of them in all countries, including any divisional applications and patents, refilings, renewals, re-examinations, continuations, continuations-in-part, patents of addition, extensions (including patent term extensions), reissues, substitutions, confirmations, registrations, revalidations, pipeline and... administrative protections and additions, and any equivalents of the foregoing in any and all countries of or to any of them, as well as any supplementary protection certificates and equivalent protection rights in respect of any of them. PHRI Patent Rights excludes United States Provisional Patent Application No. 60/702,757, entitled "Antibody Profiles Characteristic of Tuberculosis State," and patent applications based thereon. View More
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