Piggy-Back Registrable Securities

Example Definitions of "Piggy-Back Registrable Securities"
Piggy-Back Registrable Securities. Means the Conversion Shares (as defined in the Securities Purchase Agreement) (the "Conversion Share"), Warrant Shares (as defined in the Securities Purchase Agreement) (the "Warrant Shares"), all other shares of Common Stock issued or issuable pursuant to the Securities Purchase Agreement, and any shares of capital stock issued or issuable with respect to such Note, Conversion Shares, Warrant, or Warrant Shares as a result of any stock split, stock dividend, recapitalization, exchange or... similar event or otherwise, which have not been (x) included in a Registration Statement that has been declared effective by the SEC, (y) sold under circumstances meeting all of the applicable conditions of Rule 144, promulgated under the Securities Act or (z) saleable without limitation as to time, manner and volume pursuant to Rule 144(k) (or any similar provision then in force) under the Securities Act. View More
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