Plan Account

Example Definitions of "Plan Account"
Plan Account. An account maintained by the Plan Administrator for each Participant to which the Participant's payroll deductions are credited, against which funds used to purchase shares of Common Stock are charged, and to which shares of Common Stock purchased are credited
Plan Account. Means the Company Contribution Account together with the Deferred Income Account
Plan Account. A payroll deduction account maintained by the Committee for each Participant to which shall be credited all payroll deductions and from which shall be deducted amounts charged for the purchase of Shares hereunder and withdrawals
Plan Account. The term "Plan Account" means a separate bookkeeping account maintained for each Participant, which reflects the accumulated payroll deductions made on behalf of the Participant for any Offering Period, reduced for any distributions from such Plan Account pursuant to the provisions of the Plan.
Plan Account. Means the account established for each participant pursuant to the Plan.
Plan Account. Those bookkeeping accounts established by the Company for each Plan Participant, which shall reflect (a) all Deferrals and any investment earnings, gains and losses credited with respect thereto, (b) all Company Match credited by the Company to each Participant, and any investment earnings, gains, and losses credited with respect thereto, and (c) Retirement Contributions credited by the Company to each Participant who is eligible for such contributions, and any investment earnings, gains, and... losses credited with respect thereto. View More
Plan Account. Shall mean the individual account established for each Participant for purposes of accounting for and/or holding each Participant's payroll deductions, alternative contributions, Shares, etc. The Plan Account may be a bookkeeping account or a brokerage account, or such other account as determined by the Committee.
Plan Account. A bookkeeping account to which cash amounts and Deferred Shares may be credited as deferred compensation.
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