Planned Outage

Example Definitions of "Planned Outage"
Planned Outage. Means any planned maintenance of major production equipment of a Production Facility, not to exceed 60 days in any Contract Year, that will limit the output of UAN and/or Urea from such Production Facility during a Contract Year and the planned occurrence of which is communicated to Buyer no later than 90 days prior to such Contract Year. No less than 90 days in advance of any Planned Outage, Seller shall give Buyer notice of the expected start date of such Planned Outage which may begin as... many as 10 days earlier and 10 days later than the day specified in such notice. Except as otherwise agreed by the Parties, any days of outage that occur outside of the combination of such +/- 10 day start date and maximum 60 day duration shall not constitute Planned Outage days. View More
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