Example Definitions of "Platform"
Platform. One or more online credit platforms from or through which the Fund may purchase a Platform Loan, and any of its related systems and data
Platform. Means a Fully Automated laboratory instrument suitable for processing one or more of the Immunoassays for DOA Detection.
Platform. FATHOM's proprietary software known as FATHOMTM to operate, query, and provide solutions for utility managers, operators, and customer.
Platform. The Platform which has been used by Licensee in connection with the processing of loans secured by crypto currencies and other forms of collateral prior to the date hereof as the same may be expanded after the date hereof to include other functionalities. For the avoidance of doubt, as referred to herein, the Platform includes (i) a software application made available by Licensor designed to facilitate the conduct of an ongoing online loan business via a website and related mobile applications;... (ii) additional software to facilitate the offering of an online catalog of products related to loans, digital and other currencies to be offered via the webpage and mobile application; (iii) additional software to provide functionalities to support the ordering of products from the store front; (iv) additional software to integrate the functionalities of virtual wallets defined against fiat and/or virtual currencies; (v) tools to monitor the performance of loans made by Licensee, and the value of the collateral accepted by Licensee to secure loans, and to facilitate foreclosure of loans in default; (vi) invocation of communication capabilities for email, text, carrier ("push") notifications and telephonic voice notification for users of the webpage and mobile application; (vii) processing of reports in support of the transaction which transpire on the webpage and mobile application and (viii) the software underlying each functionality in the Platform as of the Effective Date. View More
Platform. Means the Sequire platform.
Platform. Means any instrument or mechanism for performing tests in the Field for POC, as such instrument or mechanism may be modified or upgraded by Heska from time to time.
Platform. Collectively: (i) the Knetik Platform and the Auris Platform as each exists on the Effective Date, and (ii) Licensor Improvements. The term "Platform" expressly excludes Third Party Materials.
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