Pledged PECs

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Pledged PECs. The 214,351.5985 (two hundred fourteen thousand three hundred fifty one point five nine eight five) Tranche A PECs and 2,309,614.0275 (two million three hundred nine thousand six hundred fourteen point zero two seven five) Tranche B PECs as more fully described on Schedule A hereto, held by the Pledgor in the Company and representing, on the date of this Agreement, 65% of the issued Tranche A and Tranche B PEC of the Company, as well as any PEC to be issued in the future by the Company which... the Pledgor may subscribe to, acquire or be granted at any time in the future (provided, however, notwithstanding anything to the contrary, the Pledgor shall only be required to pledge 65% of the PEC of the Company) and, generally, 65% of all PEC of the Company now or at any time hereafter owned by the Pledgor View More
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