POL Matters

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POL Matters. The implementation and oversight of, and the taking of all actions in connection with, the Plan of Liquidation and all matters primarily related thereto including, without limitation, (i) all actions relating to the Plan of Liquidation set forth in the Company's proxy statement delivered to the Stockholders with respect to the meeting of Stockholders at which the Plan of Liquidation was approved and (ii) maintaining the Company's books and records and preparing the Company's financial... statements under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles liquidation basis accounting for the period beginning with shareholder approval of the Plan of Liquidation. For the avoidance of doubt, matters relating to either the Company's interest in Worldwide Plaza or financing activities shall be the responsibility of, and subject to the direction of, the Board and shall not be deemed POL Matters (it being understood that ARG shall have responsibility for completing the financing with Credit Suisse). View More
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