Example Definitions of "Policy"
Policy. With respect to each Award or payment under the Plan, the clawback policy adopted by the Committee, as in effect as of the date such Award or payment is made under the Plan.
Policy. Means a policy, insurance contract, surety bond, financial guarantee, or similar instrument or contract (but not including forward commitments to issue any of the foregoing), issued or written by the Company in the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands, and shall include primary policies, secondary market policies and ancillary policies or guaranties guarantying debt service reserve fund obligations, interest rate swaps and liquidity facilities or... similar obligations in connection with primary policies. View More
Policy. Shall have the meaning set forth in Preamble
Policy. Means the MetLife universal life insurance policy issued on the life of the Participant in connection with this Plan.
Policy. With respect to each Eligible Officer, the Paid-up Policy or Variable Policy, or both (as the case may be) insuring the life of such Eligible Officer, as identified by issuer and policy number in Schedule B hereto under such Eligible Officer's name
Policy. The policy of insurance which shall provide $10,000,000 to the beneficiary or beneficiaries of the survivor of Executive and Co-insured for a period of 48 policy years, which policy is owned by Executive. For purposes of this Agreement, Honeywell and Executive agree that the Policy meets the requirements for life insurance coverage set forth in the Employment Agreement.
Policy. The FMC Corporation Compensation Policy for Non-Employee Directors, as amended and restated effective on February 20, 2008, as may be further amended from time to time
Policy. Shall refer to any insurance policy or coverage obtained with respect of potential liabilities of directors and officers of the Corporation.
Policy. The Policy is the severance pay plan set forth in this policy as it may be amended from time to time.
Policy. This Policy for the Recovery of Erroneously Awarded Compensation, as the same may be amended and/or restated from time to time
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