Political advertising

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Political advertising. Information on political parties, politicians, socio-political movements and associations, their political initiatives, ideas, undertakings, etc., including information on their leaders and members designated for the public at large, created using advertising media and techniques, including pre-election campaigns and campaigns on referendum issues conducted when elections to the state authorities and/or executive authorities at any level are scheduled or held or when a referendum is scheduled... or held, and also public opinion polls and notification of the electorate when the election campaign or campaign on referendum issues is scheduled or held View More
Political advertising. Means a type of propaganda in the form of audiovisual productions with the use of advertising methods and techniques, disseminated during the elections appointment period and during elections to state bodies and/or management bodies of any other level, containing signs of a campaign as regards conducting a referendum or during the conducting of a referendum, disseminated during the referendum appointment period or during the referendum, according to the procedure stipulated by applicable laws... or other regulations. The Parties hereby agree that in the context of the present Agreement political advertising shall include public opinion polls during election campaigns, provision of information to the electorate, advertising of commercial activities of political parties and candidates View More
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