Example Definitions of "Portfolio"
Portfolio. Means each group or pool or consumer loans acquired by any of the Borrowers (as defined in the IDB Loan Agreement) from a single seller (or seller and its affiliates) in a single purchase transaction, which consumer loans are recorded and administered in the books and records of the Borrower acquiring the same as a separate group or pool of consumer loans.
Portfolio. Means the assets more particularly set forth on a schedule to a Participation Certificate.
Portfolio. The securities listed on each of the schedules attached to and made a part of the Sixth Restated Agreement each respectively designated Schedule A, Schedule AA and Schedule B describing the Portfolio Companies in each of the respective Portfolio A, Portfolio AA and Portfolio B and any other securities that the Company directly or indirectly acquires in respect of, or in exchange for, such securities in each of the respective Portfolios, including, without limitation, by reason of (i) any stock... dividend, stock split, stock issuance, combination, recapitalization, reclassification, merger, consolidation, conversion or similar transaction, (ii) exercising option, warrant, conversion, exchange, pre-emptive or other purchase rights, or (iii) participating in subsequent financing rounds of Portfolio Companies View More
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