Pre-2005 Benefit

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Pre-2005 Benefit. Means the benefit earned and vested (before January 1, 2005) under this Plan with respect to a Participant's service and earnings with the Company before January 1, 2005. For purposes of determining the amount of a Participant's Pre-2005 Benefit, eligibility for an Early Retirement Benefit (and the applicable Early Retirement Benefit reduction factors) under Section 5.2 or Section 6.2 of the Pension Plan and under this Plan shall be based on the Participant's service before January 1, 2005 and... the Participant's age as of the Participant's date of Termination of Employment. View More
Pre-2005 Benefit. The portion of a Non-Employee's Cash Account and Stock Unit Account deferred on or before December 31, 2004, adjusted to reflect interest, earnings, and gains and losses credited to such Accounts from and after such date. An amount is considered deferred on or before December 31, 2004 if on or before that date the Non-Employee Director had a legally binding right to be paid the amount and the right to the amount was earned and vested.
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